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International Cotton Advisory Committee will update biosafety regulations to meet new needs

2019/04/25 16:25
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Business News Agency September 14th The International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) Secretariat estimates that half of the global cotton acreage in 2009/10 is a biotech variety, and more and more countries and growers are enjoying the benefits of cotton biotechnology. the benefits of. As biotech cotton is beyond agronomic characteristics, the current regulatory system will be updated to meet new requirements.
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Studies in Argentina have shown that feeding GM seeds does not affect the milk production of the animals, nor does it affect the chemical composition of the milk. Seed purchasers do not distinguish between biotechnology and conventional seeds.
Cottonseed oil enters the feed chain in a variety of forms, and cottonseed oil is extracted from biotech cotton. There is no special classification in the market. More than 10 million tons of cottonseed meal are produced each year, almost all from genetically modified seeds.
The technology will play a leading role in the development of new cotton varieties, which can control insects and make effective use of production inputs.